Let Your Water Flow Freely

Let Your Water Flow Freely

Turn to us for drain cleaning services in Bowie, MD

When water collects in the bottom of your sink or shower rather than going down the drain, you know you've got a plumbing problem on your hands. DIY unclogging attempts can get pretty unpleasant, so if you have a backed-up drain, just save time and call on the professionals for drain cleaning services.

You can count on the team at BMB Plumbing Solutions Inc. to unclog your drain in Bowie, MD or the surrounding area. If you're dealing with drain issues after normal business hours, call us right away for 24/7 emergency drain unclogging services.

Three ways to avoid a clogged drain

Some plumbing problems are unavoidable, especially as your home gets older. However, you can reduce the amount you spend on drain unclogging services by following a few simple tips:

1. Purchase a hair catcher for your shower drain

2. Dispose of grease in the garbage, not down the drain

3. Put food scraps in a compost pile rather than washing them down the sink

If you've recently moved into an older home and the previous residents left you with backed-up drains, reach out to us now to schedule drain cleaning services.